Thought leadership

…is one of those phrases regularly bandied about in the communications world (guilty as charged).

“We need some thought leadership,” they cry and they are right. Any business wanting to put some space between themselves and the competition needs to demonstrate that there is more going on between their ears than between those of their competitors. Otherwise, and this is particularly the case when you’re selling the quality of your people as opposed to an actual product, why should someone buy from you rather than the firm down the road offering the same service?

But strip out the cringe making jargon and what does thought leadership actually mean?

Now there’s a thought
Well, you simply want to demonstrate to your clients and potential clients that all the marketing blurb about your creativity and innovative thinking is more than just words. You want to show them that you can have an original thought.

Why not research a particular area of your business, discuss the key trends, include some original thinking, package it up in a report or white paper and, hey presto, you’ve just sent your clients something that doesn’t tell them how good you are, it shows them.

And the great thing about thought leadership is, it’s free. It’s not like buying advertising space or sponsoring the World Cup. There’s no tax on thinking and if your people are as good as your marketing claims, there’s a willing supply of raw material and ideas just waiting to get out.