Lick me, I taste gorgeous…

Actually I don’t. I’m a blog. But welcome to the world of wackaging as nicely described in this piece in the Independent. Innocent is obviously very good at it and it seems that consumer brands that push sustainability or their eco credentials are particularly keen to indulge in a bit of wackaging.

So what do we think? Is there a space for this style of communication, not just in the more casual world of consumer selling, but also in the more, stiff shirted, b2b environment?

Don’t take that tone with me
I suppose it all comes down to tone and matching it with the audience. If you’re selling nylon stretch trousers to a retired audience via a Sunday supplement, I’d probably say you’re better off telling it straight. That said, I think there is a place for a bit of a wackaging style communication if it can help deliver whatever the communication needs to deliver in an interesting, amusing, or just alternative way.

If you need to make inanimate objects come to life to get results, why not? Just choose your targets carefully and be subtle. Subtle wackaging if you like.

Anyway, thanks for reading me by the way…

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