So please, please, please (tell me a story)

The Christmas John Lewis advert is creating lots of interest
at the moment…which I suppose is what you get if you mix a touch of the
Smiths, with a heart rending tale of familial selflessness.

Whether you like it or not – I’m on the fence – it does seem to be the best of a rather dismal collection of Christmas ads from the big stores. The big difference is it tells a story; sugar coated admittedly, but a story nonetheless. Without sounding too simplistic, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end with a nice twist (to reward people for watching).

Are you sitting comfortably?
People like stories; they hold interest; stories are how we learnt to read and write; it’s why millions like watching Downton Abbey of a Sunday evening.

So how about some more story telling in your communications? Good
times for a change…

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