What’s your company doing to celebrate the Olympics?

If your preparations for the Olympics have been little more than telling your employees that they need to plan their travel time more carefully to avoid being late for work, read on…

Don’t fight it
Sometimes it’s better just to go with the flow than swim upstream. Companies currently struggling against the wave of Olympic mania gradually sweeping the country might do better to think about how they can actually strike gold for employee goodwill and engagement.

So here’s five tips to celebrate the arrival of the five rings:

  • Get some big TV screens in the office – or even small ones
  • How about a daily Olympic themed raffle?
  • Every time Britain strikes Gold; every employee gets a bonus – £5? £10? Or maybe 15 minutes off the work day…
  • Early drinks on Friday to bask in the Olympic glow
  • Relax and enjoy.

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