And the winner is…

The problem with industry awards is they’re like Tribbles.

Tribbles? Readers of a certain generation might remember the furry little critters from Star Trek (we’re talking William Shatner vintage here) that looked attractive to have, but which reproduced at an enormous rate, gradually getting bigger and bigger, consuming all before them.

Every week seems to bring another letter or email exhorting you to enter a nomination for another “must win”  award. But, for the in-house comms people they offer a no-win situation. If you decide to enter, then the bulk of the work to put together a slick, compelling entry will fall upon your team. But, all too often, that can mean trying to to make a silk purse from… well, not very much at all. If you win…it’s mutual back-slapping and trebles (Tribbles even) all round for the winning team in the business, while your contribution will probably not be acknowledged. And, if you lose, well, it’s your fault for not getting the entry right.

So, here are my top three tips to make it through the industry award season:

  1. Prioritise the awards: decide which awards mean something to your business. Don’t be pressured into entering everything that’s going.
  2. Prioritise the categories: likewise, only enter those categories that your business has a chance of winning. A good litmus test is if you’re struggling to get enough information together or find a compelling story that usually means your entry will fall short.
  3. Story, story, story: the judges are only human. They like a good story better than anyone. So tell them one.

If all else fails, make sure you at least get a seat at your company table at the awards do and make like a Tribble; consume everything!


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